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Mahira Group is a multi-dynamic and multifaceted developer based in the millennium city of Gurgaon. Mahira Group has been handling several businesses like Real Estate, Mining, Construction and Education. The developer has forayed into businesses like Hospitality, Filing Stations, and Food Chain over the past ten years.

With a humble beginning in the construction industry, Mahira Group witnessed modest growth but it has reached its current state because of our focus on commitment, integrity, value for money, and dedication. We have built confidence and trust with persistent hard work. We started with individual housing projects and went on to launch leading mega-million projects with superior excellence.

We believe in core human values which never go out of trend. We never lose track of keeping a human touch and relationships with clients, vendors, customers and community, in our pursuit of success.

A multifaceted and multi dynamic group based out of the millennium city Gurugram, Haryana; Mahira is holding company to other diverse businesses, starting with Real Estate, Construction, Education and Mining, the group has forayed into other businesses like Filing Stations, Food Chain and Hospitality over past decade of its existence. Mahira Group resonates Competitiveness, Energy and Resilience and holds them as its core values. Spread across northern India, across business, Mahira Group under dynamic leadership of Mr. Sikandar Singh, is successfully engendering its entrepreneurial synergies into constructive forays and poised to become a leading conglomerate.

Mahira Group ventured into the construction industry with a modest start but grew to its current stature entirely due to our focus on core values of integrity, commitment, dedication and delivering value to each client. Trust and confidence building take a long time to create and persistent hard work to achieve but in the end our efforts have borne fruit. Starting with small individual housing contracts, we went on to larger projects and today, we handle mega-million projects with fluid mastery.

Mahira Homes Project

Mahira Group specializes in general construction projects. We are at ease handling individual bungalows and just as comfortable when we take on huge housing projects involving residential complex. Operating mainly in North India and particularly around Gurgaon & Delhi, we have taken on projects involving design, planning, construction of educational institutions and hotels on a turnkey basis. Our service starts with concept and goes on to planning, obtaining permissions, coordinating construction, managing finishing and interior design and finally handing over a project in its finished form to the owner. Quality, excellence and timely completion of projects have gained us an enviable reputation and brought us prestigious projects to date. While credit goes to our founder, credit for our success also goes to our human resources whose perseverance, hard work and commitment have proved invaluable. In our way we cherish these efforts, recognize and reward them. On the other hand, we are just as grateful to our clients.

Success so far is only a catalyst for our future planned expansion and growth. At the same time, we are conscious of our responsibility to the environment and community and, in our way, do our best for social upliftment and a greener, cleaner environment. We believe in basic human values that will never go out of fashion. That is why, in our pursuit of success and profits, we never lose sight of maintaining a human touch and valuing relationships with clients, customers, vendors and community.

Mahira Group of companies is the flagship Company of the Group and is engaged in providing various services to institutions, corporates, and individuals since 1995. The Company is a leading group and presently has assets around 100 crores under its management. The Company has successfully positioned itself as a trusted brand to its customers for with its customer centric approach and innovative solutions. Mahira Group is anchored by an extraordinary force of over 500 employees and the Group always stands for quality, efficiency and an ethical approach towards its commitments.

Message from Chairman & Managing Director

Sikander - Chairman


Chairman & Managing Director

When the dream doesn’t let you rest even when the sky turns dark. Then you are not just dreaming, you are chasing a vision. Dream is the future; to see the future you need a vision. Ordinary people lack the ability to visualize. one who has the ability to visualize, can create a masterpiece out of a barren land.

People are skilled these days, they go through years of education and experience, to help visionaries create extraordinary things. Mahira Group, with its expertise and years of experience in the real estate field, is enthusiastic to offer its visionary customers a luxurious life at an affordable price.

We embarked our journey in 2018, and within a period of 3 years, we’ve come up with 4 mesmerizing affordable housing projects. The happiness of our gratified customers reflects the charisma of the company. We have profound faith in the belief that one can go to some extent but not far enough without focus on principles and values.

Under the influence of COVID-19, the world economy halted. However, we emerged unscathed from this pandemic and successfully launched a couple of projects, with exquisite design, to serve our beloved family of customers.

As an organization, we are perfectly positioned to chart the next phase in our growth story even admitting the current uncertainty, with an unwavering support from our entire team. Together as a family, we will counter every test that may come our direction like we have constantly confronted them effectively with our operational effectiveness and best administration of the human asset.


Chairman & Managing Director

His approach towards customers, sellers, contractors and employees promising the best and delivering it in time gave him a solid reputation. Visionary to the core and foreseeing the tremendous growth that would take place in and around Delhi, initiated plans to make Mahira Group a full-fledged, full-service building construction company with engineers, architects, structural engineers, chartered accountants and management experts on the team to give it a professional avatar. His decision proved right. Today Mahira Group reputation is built in solid concrete and we have multi-million valued projects in hand, a proof of success.

Mr Sikandar Singh has joined the management of the company, equipped with modern education and global exposure, he has infused Mahira Group with new dynamism, energy and vision. Expectations run high and Mr Sikandar Singh's vision and support of a professional team will propel the company to the pinnacle of success.

Mahira Homes Team



Mr. Vikas Chhoker is the younger brother of Mr. Sikandar Singh and the CEO of Mahira Group. He is a Corporate Trainer & Entrepreneur. He is a young entrepreneur & technocrat, with his innovative & creative ideas he has always achieved whatever he has worked on. He is a Management Graduate. His positive approach towards learning something new has helped him learning many things in his life. With his influencing personality he has motivated & inspired many students to achieve their goals.

  • Vision

  • Mission

If the founder’s achievement is akin to laying a foundation stone, our vision is to build a skyscraper on it and realize our founder’s vision to make Mahira Group a household, trusted name in the construction industry.

In a milieu where construction companies are innumerable, we aim to associate the name of Mahira Group with reliability, trustworthiness, fair dealings and punctuality; a name that generates confidence and inspires trust: that is our mission.

Mahira Homes Project


Spread across Northern India, with real estate projects in and around Delhi NCR region.

Real estates

The principal business under the umbrella Mahira, the group ventured into the construction industry with a modest start but grew to its current stature entirely due to our focus on core values of integrity, commitment, dedication and delivering value to each client. Trust and confidence building take a long time to create and persistent hard work to achieve but in the end our efforts have borne fruit. Starting with small individual housing contracts, we went on to larger projects and today, we handle mega-million projects with fluid mastery.

Mahira homes, Sector 68, GURGAON

As a pilot project for Mahira Group, Mahira Homes is an affordable housing project in sector 68, with well planned residential complex with all infrastructure, roads, internal gardens, lighting, water supply and security. Besides providing a community atmosphere, common facilities and an upmarket feel, housing in our project also gives plenty of privacy and an impression of open, airy spaces.

  • Filling stations
  • Mines
  • Mega filing stations
  • Constructions
  • Education
  • Hospitality

We are active in the entire Delhi NCR region and have built a number of residential projects. Our services range from design, project consultancy to complete turnkey solutions that start from design and concept and go all the way to interior decoration and landscaping. Our notable achievements:

  • Residential projects in and around Delhi including planned residential townships.
  • Educational institutions and campuses in North India.
  • Star Hotels in Delhi, complete with landscaping, gardens, swimming pools and interiors.
  • Trust is precious and like glass, once you break it, it can never be re-joined. We cherish trust more than diamonds.
  • Besides a number of new projects in and around Delhi we are in the process of finalizing joint ventures in mega construction projects across Northern India that will give a quantum leap to our business operations and put us in the league of construction giants of India.
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