Mahira Homes 103

Mahira Homes 103 is an affordable housing abode spread over 5.40 acres. 
The Present status of the construction is as follows –
S.No. Towers Construction Status (As of 28 April 2022)
1 Tower A  P.C.C. Completed and De-watering in Progress
2 Tower B  7th Floor Completed
3 Tower C  8th Floor 1st Pour Beam R/F in Progress
8th Floor 2nd Pour S/w R/F in Progress
4 Tower D 10th Floor Beam R/F Work in Progress
5 Tower E  8th Floor Slab Completed
6 Tower F Stilt Floor Completed 
7 Tower G   Stilt Floor Completed
8 Tower H  Stilt Floor Shuttering in Progress
90% Stilt Column Completed, Rest in Progress

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