Mahira Homes 95

Mahira Homes 95: -  Construction Work Status (11th May 2023)
Sr. No.
Towers Construction Status
1 Tower-1 Raft Casting Completed and Column up to PB on Progress
2 Tower-2 30% Raft Casting Completed
3 Tower-3 To be Started   
4 Tower-4 Basement Column Casting work 90% completed Balance work on Progress 
5 Tower-5 Basement Slab Shuttering work completed reinforcement 40% done & Balance work on progress
6 Tower-6 Basement Column Casting work 70% completed & Non-Tower work on progress
7 Tower-7 Column Layout Completed & Non-Tower work on progress
8 Tower-8 Raft Casting Completed
9 Tower-9 To be Started
10 Non-Tower Retaining Wall work 100 R/Mtr casting completed & Column Footing Work on Progress

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