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The Management has kindly accorded approval of procurement of 04 sets of Aluminium shuttering technology, costing about 8.50 Crores so that the Homes can be handed over well within the promised time. At present 03 sets are in use and 4th is expected within this year.
The present status of the construction is as follows –

S.N. Location  Current Status (As of 11 Oct 2021)
1 Tower-1 Excavation on Progress
2 Tower-2 Excavation on Progress
3 Tower-3 Excavation on Progress
4 Tower-4 Excavation Completed
5 Tower-5 Raft Foundation on Progress
6 Tower-6 Raft Foundation on Progress
7 Tower-7 Excavation on Progress
8 Tower-8 Excavation on Progress
9 Tower-9 Excavation on Progress
10 Non Tower Wall Raft Foundation on Progress

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