A big boost for infrastructure projects across Gurugram, NCR

22 Sep 2021

With a new and rapidly changing dynamic world, the need is for suitable infrastructure projects that can sustain the nature of our operations. Not just those that are related to commerce but also for the betterment of our lives. Gurugram has been continuously witnessing the change, be it in the form of roads, buildings, offices, or residences. However, any change in the existing structure must be supplemented with other developments that are in line with the previous upgrades.

Envisioned and announced in 2007, the Dwarka expressway is planned to connect Gurugram and New Delhi with a large portion of it in Haryana. What should have been a completed project by now, has been muddled in court proceedings, litigation issues, and construction upheaval. Subsequently, the project development commenced in 2019 but soon faced a multitude of challenges. This began with the pandemic spreading across the northern part of India and subsequently across the entire nation. Hindering construction and delaying the progress of infrastructure projects was the beginning of problems for what followed were land acquisition battles. 

The project also faced structural integrity issues with it crashing down amidst construction. This added on to the delays and at times questioned the capabilities of the developer and by extension the government. All this of course is now a thing of the past as the challenges strengthened the vision of all involved and everything quickly jumped back into focus. The Sohna elevated road, which is also a part of boosted connectivity in the region, has its eyes set on completion by the first half of next year. These projects are a testament to the government’s commitment to bringing prosperity to the region and easing the life of the residents. 

The Dwarka expressway costs an estimated Rs 10,000 crore and will help many in the process. Eight lanes of overextending roadways are said to bring in a new era of fast connectivity and bring within the reach of nearby residents, a world filled with exalting opportunities. With home loan interest rates on the decline and home buyers entering a diverse space of affordable housing options, real estate sales are predicted to grow exponentially. 

Under the guidance, supervision, and promise of the Government of India and the legendary expertise of Larsen & Toubro, the project is undeniably an upcoming marvel of what great engineering and Indian ingenuity can render for the progress of the nation.

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