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26 Aug 2021

In the last two decades, more and more people have been moving to cities like Delhi and Gurgaon in search of better facilities and opportunities. But with an influx of millions of Indians into these metropolises, the cities’ population count has increased dramatically. With it, unfortunately, the cost of living too has increased, leaving many families fewer choices to own a home.
It is this vacuum of affordable housing options that Mahira Homes hopes to fill. Inspired by a lack of options for low-income families, Mahira Homes believe that owning a home is a basic need and right that everyone should enjoy. The company’s deep understanding of the need of low-income families, their perennial worry of high rent, and an ever-increasing mortgage rate has allowed it to provide a novel solution to millions of Indians living in the urban areas. From making sure that everyone has a home to making it affordable, houses built by Mahira Homes does not burn a hole in the pockets of middle class families.

Mahira Homes offer numerous financial assistance packages that employ low-cost EMI and down payment programmes as its main characteristics. Such a programme allowsfamilies to invest in a home where they can feel secure, able to realise their dreams and grow their families according to plan. In fact, each project that Mahira Homes offer is in convenient spots that allow families to align their dream of owning a home with their future. Near to top schools and colleges, major highways and transit hubs, Mahira Homes creates projects that are forward thinking.

Further, the affordable housing options they provide seek to not only create spaces for living. Instead, the company’s affordable housing model also incorporates sustainable features that dramatically reduce the cost of construction, maintenance and therefore, the overall cost to the interested families. What’s amazing is that Mahira Homes plans to create more affordable housing complexes aligns perfectly with the the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) initiative: Affordable Rental Housing Complexes (ARHCs) scheme that addresses the issue of housing for the citywide workforce through a policy push that enables both the Public and Private institutions for their active contribution in the scheme. In fact, the Union Cabinet approved Affordable Rental Housing Complexes (ARHCs) as a part of the ongoing Pradhan MantriAwasYojana– Urban (PMAY-U). Thus, making Mahira Homes an ideal option for families in the Delhi-NCR region.

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