Vastu Tips For Your New Home

14 Dec 2020

For your new home to radiate the right energy, there are a number of things that you can do. Foremost among them is the ancient Vastushastra that can manage the energy in your house in an optimum manner and ensure that the right kind of energy is casting its influence on you so that there are favorable outcomes.

Here are some important Vastu tips for your new home:

Vastu tips for great finances

  • Because the main door of your house is the most important entry for energies into your home, it should always be clean and well decorated.
  • Purple color signifies wealth and abundance, so if you paint the walls of your house purple, it will benefit you. If you find that repainting is a difficult task, keep a money plant in a purple pot instead.
  • Your almirah, where you keep your cash, should be residing on the South or the south-west wall in such a manner that it opens to the North.
  • If you put a mirror in front of your cash locker, it is beneficial, signifying that your wealth has doubled.
  • Any water bodies should be on the north-eastern part of the house as it symbolizes the flow of constructive energy. You can place a small fountain or any other showpiece there for maximum benefits.
  • Promptly repair leaky faucets as well as taps and pay attention to faulty plumbing as that signifies impending financial loss.
  • If you keep a bird feeder in the north western part, it will attract good energies.
  • Place an aquarium in the north-eastern part of the house because fishes purify the home. Ensure that the aquarium is clean and well aerated.
  • Hang a wind chime near the entrance of your flat, it will attract good energies.
  • For maximum financial gains, place an idol of Goddess Laxmi near the entrance.

Vastu recommendations for excellence in academics

  • The study table needs to be placed in either the north or the east for enhanced concentration.
  • There should be a space between the study table and the wall so that the flow of energy is maximized.
  • The study table should not be placed below a bathroom or an overhead beam.
  • The bookshelf needs to be placed in the north, east, or northeast. There should be no mirror that reflects the books because it will put more pressure on the student.
  • Putting a lamp on the south-east portion of the study table will bring luck.

Vastu for health

  • Place your head in the southern direction when you sleep for sound sleep.
  • Do not burden the center of the house with a lot of furniture; it will hamper the free flow of energies.
  • Sickness in the house is caused by imbalances in the fire element. To counter this, have a fireplace, diya or a candle in the northeast or southeast portions of the house.
  • Do not place mirrors near the bed because it causes energy drain, paving the way for sickness to follow.
  • If a family member is unwell, then place a candle in their room so that they will recover quickly.
  • When you drink water, face the northeast or the east to usher in good health.
  • Keep citrus fruit plants near the entrance of your home. When you are looking for affordable housing in Gurgaon, ensure that the entrance to your flat is airy and spacious.
  • Lord Hanuman is the protector of health so keep his picture such that it faces the South of the flat.

Improve relations with Vastu

  • After you have bought affordable flats in Gurgaon, to usher in happiness in your life, you should put happy pictures of your family in the northeast corner of the flat.
  • A sandalwood statue will result in harmony amongst the family members. Keep it in such a place that you can view them repeatedly.
  • If the male members of the family are in a dispute, a small branch of the kadamba tree will help to ease the situation.
  • If the female members are in a dispute, ensure that both of you do not wear red clothes, especially not at the same time.

Vaastu is very important when you are looking at Gurgaon affordable housing and you should go for that flat that gives you the most scope to flourish. Check out Mahira Affordable Housing for the best affordable flats.


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