Buying An Apartment- Some Tips To Make The Transition Smooth

11 Mar 2021

If you have been residing in a rented apartment for years on end, you should consider saving the rent money and instead spend it on buying a suitable apartment for you and your family. If this is the very first apartment that you are considering buying, here are a few tips that will help you to get the best deal possible for your money.

  • Area/ Location: When you are looking for the best affordable housing projects in Gurgaon, pay attention to the kind of area where the apartment is situated. You can opt for affordable homes in sector 63 Gurgaon, which is a very reputable part of the city. You have to consider the fact that your kids will be growing up in a new neighborhood, and you would want to do the best for them. Spend some amount of time researching the area of the apartment and if possible pay a couple of visits to check out the area by yourself.
  • Market research: Prior to shelling out your hard-earned money on an apartment, you should do some market research to ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Towards this end, you can have conversations with both independent valuers as well as different real estate agents. Also, check out the latest acquisitions in the area. It will give you an idea about the type of apartment you are going to buy. Also, an important point, do not to rely on the advice of either the developer or the real estate agent. This point is of particular import if you are buying an apartment based on the plans. You have a right to know if you are getting the best affordable housing projects in Gurgaon. Additionally, you will need to determine if you will recoup your cost in the future when you are thinking of selling off the apartment.
  • Explore: You should visit as many different locations to check out apartments as you can. Touring the different sites will give you a good estimation of what to expect from affordable homes in sector 63 Gurgaon. You will also get a good idea of what your money is capable of buying if you get estimates from different real estate agents on similar apartments around the region.

Now, if we assume that you have found your apartment:

  • Amenities: You would definitely want to be situated in a place that has public amenities at a stone’s throw. Too many people have invested and bought into apartments based on the promise of the developer and the real estate agent that the location is an up-and-coming location, soon to be connected via metro, and will have amenities shooting up in next to no time. That never happened. So when you select your apartment look for schools, hospitals, malls, public transport, parks, gyms, workplace distance, and markets. They should all be situated close by. However, you have to understand that the price of the apartment might be a notch higher because you are investing in affordable homes in sector 63 Gurgaon.
  • Questions to consider: When you choose an apartment, you have to consider if the apartment building is close to clubs, discos, cafes, or grounds where live events take place. What will be the magnitude of the passing traffic, at peak hours will the sound of horns cause disturbance? Will this continuous noise have an effect on your lifestyle? One good idea is to inspect your chosen apartment during the evening rush hour time- this will give you a fair idea of what you will have to experience on a daily basis.
  • Age of the building: When choosing an apartment, consider whether it is a new building or an old building. If the building is not new, unlike the best affordable housing projects in Gurgaon, ask yourself if you truly want to invest money in an old structure. If you do, hire an architect or an engineer to evaluate the safety of the building. Trust me, you will thank yourself later for this bit of foresight.
  • Security: See if the apartment block has security personnel. Also, check out if there are CCTV cameras covering the entire building. In these times of crime and accidents, it is a very necessary step and you should never compromise with your safety and that of your family.
  • Car parking: Ensure that the apartment building has a well-maintained garage and that there is a space for your car. Many prospective apartment owners fail to check this box and it causes aggravation later.

If you follow the above tips, you can be assured that your search for your dream apartment will bear fruit. You can safely invest in affordable homes in sector 63 Gurgaon or affordable housing in Gurgaon if you stick to the advice given above.


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