Growth and development taking place in New Gurugram's real estate

22 Apr 2021

New Gurugram has been gaining prominence since it showed up in the delivery of residential projects in 2014. With its prime location and excellent connectivity with the national capital of India, New Gurugram is emerging as the focal point for all upcoming residential and commercial real estate developers. The development of the Dwarka Expressway has completely changed the way people used to look at the city.

It now has some major developments- some already completed, while others soon to be completed. It will create new opportunities for every businessman, investor, and real estate owner. Some of the crucial factors that are leading to massive real-estate growth and development in New Gurugram include the following:

House of Leading Brands:

New Gurugram has become the new hotspot for the popular international brand owners. They are setting up their brands in the prime locations in this city, which again is seen as a great advantage by the real estate owners. They can seamlessly increase their profits by starting residential and commercial projects in and around places having brands like KFC, The Body Shop, HDFC, among many others. People crave these locations, and proper real estate in these places will automatically be very desirable. Upcoming housing projects in Gurgaon are thus, centered upon these locations for profit maximization.

Connecting Expressways:

New Gurugram has three major connecting highways- National Highway 8 (NH8), Dwarka-Gurugram Expressway, and Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway. The place has excellent connectivity with Delhi and Neemrana, thus making it a prime location to develop various real estate schemes. More than two-thirds of the city's transport facilities are joined with New Delhi, which makes it essential to develop this place. The city is sure to expand its look within a few more years, with the real-estate owners continuously keeping an eye on its various developments.

Commercial and Educational Hubs:

The city has some major commercial places like TCS, AMEX, and Grey Orange, which are adding great value to the place for real estate development. Various prominent schools and colleges are being set up for the proper educational development of the city. This automatically creates a demand for residential buildings as a great amount of migration into this city is expected in the near future. There are already many real estate owners ready with upcoming housing projects in Sector 63A Gurgaon, and they will surely complete their scheme in no time in order to meet the increasing demands.

Transportation Developments:

Modern mobility systems are being incorporated in New Gurugram, like Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS), Delhi-Faridabad metro rail link, and Gurgaon Manesar Bawal Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS). These all projects have been successfully completed, which has led to the hassle-free movement of traffic. This has, in turn, made the city a prime place for residual and commercial developments. Real estate developers consider the transport system as an important factor while choosing prime positions, and thus New Gurugram has become the new real estate hub for major developments.

Amenity developments:

Basic needs like health and wellness are of prime importance for any person or group, or community. The development of the best hospitals and clinics in New Gurugram serves this purpose in a big way. It has some of the best hospitals like Artemis, Apollo, Apex, and Nidaan, with quality staff and doctors always present to help you in need. Earlier, people in and around Gurgaon targeted Delhi to be an ideal place for treatments in case of urgencies, but now the situation has completely changed.

The presence of high-quality hospitals with eminent doctors coming from some of the best hospitals in India as well as abroad has made the city equipped enough for permanent settlements. Upcoming housing projects in Gurgaon are being established around these major hospitals so that people can access emergency facilities as and when needed. The real estate owners aim at profit maximization, and thus they are building new projects around these basic amenities based on popular demands.


Thus, it can be seen that New Gurugram has already started its journey to become one of the best cities in India on the basis of popularity, residential settings, educational and commercial hubs, civic amenities, and quality connectivity with other major parts of India. It is a popular target among real estate owners, who are trying their way best to change the complete scenario of the city.

The city has already seen some massive developments change its look to a completely new level. There are a host of upcoming projects for the city, which will be beneficial for all people in and around the city. With rapid developments going on, New Gurugram is all set to become the next popular city in India, with all kinds of facilities readily available for the common masses. If you want to get the best and highly affordable property in New Gurugram, feel free to get in touch with the experts at Mahira Homes.


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