How trustworthy is affordable housing project in Gurgaon?

15 Dec 2021

Buying a home in Gurgaon is nothing less than an investment with constructive outcomes. Being one of the financial & technology hubs of India, people prefer to migrate from smaller cities for better career opportunities, health facilities & much more. But for how long does anyone wish to live in rented apartments, PGs, or flats? 


With the new launch of affordable housing project in Gurgaon under various government schemes, millennials can fulfil their dream of owning their house. 


With the sowing of new seeds, millennials thought processes have also been established and so is of real estate industry. Many of them believe in staying alone with their pets, books, or privacy in a space mandatory for them. The other side of the coin believes in staying and growing a family. But the question that arises in every buyers’ mind is how reliable are these affordable housing in Gurgaon?


Here are some of the following reasons to believe in affordable housing projects:


1.       Unmatched Security 

If you are planning to buy a house in one of the affordable housing projects with a family then security is the foremost concern that comes in a buyer’s mind. These apartments have a gated community which ensures the security of children, elders & pets along with building a sense of place amongst the buyers.


2.       An amalgamation of Size & Rate

With predetermined size & rate based upon carpet area, Mahira Homes offers the perfect space for an individual & even for a family. If you are one of those who prefer privacy and just a room for yourself then Mahira Homes provides 1 BHK affordable housing in Gurgaon or you if you belong to the other category of individuals who wish to plan a family or are already a family person then Mahira Homes also have 2 and 3 BHK affordable housing projects in Gurgaon


3.       No Hidden Charges

As you know affordable housing Gurgaon scheme comes under many of the schemes of the government like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), RERA Act, Huda Affordable Housing Scheme & Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana and therefore have no hidden charges that the buyer has to pay. These governmental acts keep the cash flow transparent & there are no External Development Charges (EDC) as well as no Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC). Along with these benefits, the charges of the house are calculated on the basis of carpet area while keeping the buyers’ perspective & budget in mind. 


4.       Lower Rate of Interest on Loans

The price of the property never gets stagnant or constant rather it always increases with time and therefore the banks provide a lesser rate of interest on loans with regard to these affordable homes. With time the price of the property increases due to the growth of available amenities in the surrounding location which leads to a higher return of investment.  


5.       Higher Return of Investment

Imagine you booked an economy ticket for a flight & you received an up-gradation to business class without paying any extra penny for it. Won’t you feel privileged? It is exactly the same with these affordable housing projects. The price of the house is pocket - friendly & you are getting world-class amenities, luxurious vibes along the feel of premium properties. The return of investment is not only based upon these factors but there are a lot of other advantages like the higher resale value of the property, higher returns & a definite constructive outcome of the investment. These affordable houses can also act as a bonus received with the salary at the end of the month through rental income. 


6.       Vicinity of Recreational Amenities

These houses are situated on the outskirts of the city and that is one of the reasons for their lower prices. But that doesn’t really lead to having fewer amenities in the vicinity. These houses being pocket friendly, many individuals believe in buying the house at the earliest & shifting as soon as they get possession of the same. With this thought, many buyers shift as early as possible to their homes. With the shifting of the people, the rapid growth of urbanization takes place with the outcome of infrastructural growth like malls, schools, grocery shops, hospitals & much more. 


Mahira Homes have one of the best affordable housing builders in Gurgaon as they provide world-class amenities, higher return of investments, unmatched security, quality homes keeping in mind the buyers’ perspective, who are looking for affordable homes in Gurgaon or metropolitan city benefiting all the generations, the millennials, the Gen – Z and the elders. With so many available benefits, why not invest in a house giving constructive outcomes & a lifestyle of the utmost quality with amazing connectivity to the vicinity. 


Don’t think more, take the right decision of investing in the affordable housing projects in Gurgaon at the right time and believe the wood in the ocean of confusion, it will definitely save you & take you to the shore of the right decision. 


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