How To Pick The Perfect Apartment?

24 Nov 2020

If you’re looking to pick an apartment, we congratulate you on an exciting and fun journey that will also see some hard work being put in by you. A new apartment is associated with new beginnings and positive change along with a completely new lifestyle that will be the envy of your friends. When you are looking for suitable apartments, it will be easier for you if you took a step-by-step approach. Here is how to do it;

1.     Pick the area: A logical first step is to choose the location or the area where you will want to live in. The search is dictated and controlled by the area. If you have a location in mind, your search will be limited yet fruitful and productive. You also might be interested in more than one area, which is okay, but which means that you will have more searching to do.

2. Spell out what you want: You need to decide what features you want in your apartment. There are affordable housing projects in Gurgaon that you might want to check out. What kind of building do you want? Is it one where you can ascend the stairs to your apartment? Or is it a high-rise with elevators? If you require parking then inquire if there is parking available. After this, you have to decide what you would like to be near. Is it public transportation, stores, bars and pubs, schools, parks, restaurants, places of worship, or in the suburbs where you will have peace and quiet? There will be a commute time that you have to factor in. Another crucial factor is the size of the apartment that you are going for. A two-bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen might be just right for you, but another person might be thinking in terms of total square footage. Either way, figure out what you want.

3. Figure out what you can afford: You might know what you want but the question is whether you can afford it. One good rental budget goes like this- 50% of your income is for essentials like phone, rent, insurance, food and utilities, 20% is dedicated to financial expenses like repaying debts, investments, and savings, the remaining 30% is for day to day expenses like eating out, travel, shopping, movies and other associated stuff.

4.     Check out the rental market: Now you will need to find out what is available, like Mahira homes 95, which is a swell address for the upwardly mobile. You need to check out similar rental apartments in the same locality to figure out the average cost of an apartment and if the builder is charging you the right amount of money. All of this takes time and effort but is crucial in the overall scheme of things. 

5.     Get a reality check done: If you are like other people, what you get and what you wanted can be a bit different. This will get you to consider the trade-offs in your current position. As an example, you might not have found an apartment in a very trendy neighborhood, but there is an apartment a short distance off that you can rent. Again, you might have wanted a two-bedroom apartment but could afford only a bedroom one. You can put a desk in the corner of the bedroom so that you get the feel of a study at no extra cost. If you consider these trade-offs you will end up having a refined approach to apartment hunting which will help you in the long run.

6. Read the fine print before buying: After you have zeroed in on the right apartment, which could be Gurgaon affordable housing, you need to read the agreement very thoroughly. Things like the deposit on the apartment, the deed to the property, and the taxes on the transaction will have to be scrutinized before you can breathe easy. Once all of this has been taken care of, you can start to move in into your new apartment with your stuff, and embark on a new period in your life. 

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