How Affordable Housing Has Influenced The Indian Real Estate

10 May 2021

The real estate market of India had been highly growing until the covid pandemic arrived. The time before the outbreak has been the time of transition for real estate. In other words, a sector that has been affected by the government directly and indirectly by most of the policies. However, like many other market segments of India, real estate has also been through a massive shock and a reduction in rates. Affordable housing has impacted the real estate of India in different manners. Therefore, it has become an essential factor in attracting all the investors and stakeholders influencing housing demand. However, Mahira Homes Sector 68 Gurgaon is the right place for you to get your hand on affordable housing. 

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the industries so much that it may take a larger amount of time to be back on pace. Many new launches, projects, have come to a halt, and most of the homebuyers might be back into buying mode by the second-half year because of the current situation. Owing to the current situation in all the countries, the way of living and working will transform, which can also be used as an opportunity to focus on innovation. 

Here are some of the points that how affordable housing has impacted the real estate in India: 

Increase In Private Buyers

The smart mission highly encourages private buyers to participate and increases the productivity and quality of the projects. Affordable housing has provided an integrated platform to all the housing developers and service providers. However, real estate has been through a global crisis, and many projects are still at a halt for which regular cash flow is needed. However, if you search for affordable homes in Gurgaon, we are here to serve you with the best. 

Various Financing Options 

The government aims to provide affordable housing to its citizens. Therefore, there are many financing options such as fundraisers from the municipal debt, state governments, infrastructure debt funds, real estate investment trusts, etc. It will open and enhance the avenues for investment. 

Cut Down On Costs 

Affordable housing is getting embraced by many people, and it has become less affordable as it is growing. However, the period of covid affected both real state and affordable housing, but as things go back to normal. The affordability of affordable housing is going to decrease day by day as the price increases. Nonetheless, Mahira Homes Sector 68 Gurgaon is one of the best places for finding affordable houses. 

Continue To Attract Investors For Long Term 

As the resources are less but demand is high, it will attract investors for a longer period. Investors who are still interested will contact the developers to ensure the effective implementation of everything they require. What are you waiting for? Check out our website or reach out to us on your number for an affordable housing project in Sector 68 Gurgaon. 

Who Are The Buyers Of Affordable Housing? 

It isn't easy to pide buyers into sections, but as per the conducted survey, 70% of the buyers in this section are salaried inpiduals. It can be because of two reasons, either for own use or to rent it to other investors later. Another category of buyers is a mix of senior citizens, self-employed people, millennials. However, many people prefer affordable housing as a huge opportunity to invest because of different reasons, and one of them is price. Some of the other factors considered by the buyers are the size of the apartment, quality used, and its specifications. In this matter, affordable housing becomes more promising than other segments, and that will be a win-win solution for you from both sides. For affordable homes in Gurgaon, you can reach out to Mahira Homes. 

Perception On The Real Estate Market 

The new launches have been stopped in the marketing segment because of less demand. However, these two years have been difficult to cope with for the developers and the buyers. The next two years are going to be more difficult for them to get the pace. Besides that, affordable housing has a long way to go for a longer period as there is less supply and high potential demand. 


Searching for an affordable house can be challenging these days. Given the dismal situation, homes always play a vital role! Due to the current situation, it has become difficult to find affordable housing or to approach sustainability. Once the situation gets contained, the development will take its place. But if you are highly in need of buying your own house, Mahira homes will soon announce an affordable housing project in Sector 68 Gurgaon. We are a leading multi-dynamic company, majorly providing services in North India. We believe in providing customer satisfactory services along with commitment and value of money.  

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